Easy Registration

Information for New, Transfer, Readmit, High School Partnership or Senior Citizen Students

New, Readmit, or Transfer Students

If you are a NEW or TRANSFER student, who has never applied to Housatonic Community College, you must complete an Admissions Application before registering. Readmit students who have not attended the College in 2 years must complete a readmit application. Please contact the Admission’s Office for more information and refer to the correct Enrollment Guide.

High School Partnership and Senior Citizens (Credit courses ONLY)

Spring 2017 In-person registration for high school partnership and senior citizen students takes place on Wednesday, January 18, 2017: 10am - 12pm in the Atrium.  You must also be in full compliance with all College requirements. Compliance includes submitting an Application for Admissions and being accepted to the college by the Admissions Office for new and readmit students.  Also, all necessary immunization and official high school transcript records must have been received, proper placement tests completed and all financial obligations met.

Required Advising

  • Advising is required for all new, readmit, and new transfer students. 

  • Students who fall into other categories such as ESL, students on academic probation/ suspension may also be required to meet with a counselor prior to registration.

  • Although advising is recommended for all students, it is not required for continuing HCC students.

  • All students must meet prerequisites in order to complete registration.

  • Prior to registration by any method, students are advised to check their registration status. This information is available in the secured area of myCommNet by selecting "Check Your Registration Status" from the Registration menu.

Registration Form

  • Drop-off, mail and fax registrations require completion of the registration form (PDF Winter or PDF Spring )

Closed Classes:

  • Check for course availability.  For the most accurate information, you may also execute a Course Search in the public area of myCommNet(More information on myCommNet here)

  • It is important that you include a daytime phone number on your registration form indicating where you can be reached between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. If your drop-off, mail or fax registration contains a closed course, a member of the Registrar’s staff will attempt to call you to discuss a substitute section or a second choice. 

  • If a staff member is unable to reach you regarding a closed or cancelled course, and you are paying for your registration with a credit card or financial aid award, you can direct us to register you for those courses which are available on your registration form by checking the “yes” box near the very bottom of the Registration Form.

Student Schedule:

A printed student schedule is required for purchase of textbooks at the college bookstore and to secure a parking permit. The Registrar's Office issues a schedule at the time of in-person registration, you can print one out from myCommNet any time or if you register online. The bookstore and parking garage require a “Student Detail Schedule".