Graduation Application & Deadlines

(see below for application Instructions and/or to download the form)

Graduation Application Due Dates

Semester Due Date
Spring April 14
Summer August 15
Fall December 14

All Applications Must Be Returned To The Registrar's Office  With A Degree Evaluation Attached (see below for directions)

Any questions contact the Registrar's Office at 332-5088

Directions for Student Graduation Evaluations

  1. Sign on to your myCommnet account, by entering your NET ID and Password
  2. Click HCC if Applicable
  3. Click on Banner Student & Faculty Service
  4. Select Registration/Schedule
  5. Click on Student Degree Evaluation
  6. Click on Generate New Degree Evaluation
  7. Click on the current term for evaluation
  8. Select the bubble next to you major
  9. Click on Generate Request
  11. Click on the submit button
  12. Print out the entire Graduation Evaluation making sure all the areas appear on your print out.

Return to What If Analysis to Select Another Program To Evaluate

Areas Designated as MET are completed

Areas NOT MET need to be completed, speak with your program advisor or counselor in A108 for proper course selection.

Any Questions Contact Registrars Office (203) 332-5088

HCC Graduation Application Instructions

  1. Please fill out the application (download as PDF) completely and legibly. Make sure your name is printed exactly as you want it to appear on your degree or certificate. Return to Registrars Office with a copy of your Degree Evaluation by the deadline for your graduation term.

  2. The deadline for a Degree or Certificate Application are listed above.

  3. The Registrars Office will notify all potential graduatesafter final grades for that semester are posted regarding the result of their evaluation and where and when to pick up your Diploma.

  4. If you are requesting a second degree, You must complete all program requirements and no less than 25% of the total credits required in the new program as additional hours of credit. You must submit a separate graduation application for each degree.

  5. If you do not meet all the requirements for Graduation, your application will be moved to the next graduation term.

  6. There is only one Commencement Ceremony held in Spring.  Graduates from Summer and Fall terms are encouraged to attend the Spring Commencement.

  7. All graduates and guests are invited to attend the Commencement Exercises. You will be notified by mail from the Dean of Students Office as to where and when to pick up tickets and your Cap and Gown.

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