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8- Your First Day of Class

What should I bring on the first day of class?

We suggest you bring your class schedule, textbooks, a pen and a notebook that will fit a three ring binder or a three ring binder itself.

What happens on the first day of class?

The first day of class serves as an introduction to the course. You will meet your instructor, receive your syllabus (a summary or outline of the course), and learn more about the content and requirements of the class. You will have an opportunity to ask questions. You may be asked to introduce yourself. Some instructors "jump right in" with a lecture and/or activities. It is VERY important that you attend class on the first day (and on all the other days, for that matter)!

For certain developmental studies classes students may be required to take a pre-test to ensure that they have been placed into the appropriate level course.

What if I get lost?

Many students find it helpful to visit our campus before the first day of classes to find the rooms in which their classes will be held. Campus floor plans, posted on the wall at the end of each hallway, can help you to locate specific classrooms.

HCC Campus floor plans

If you happen to get lost on the first day of class, don't hesitate to stop in any nearby office to ask for assistance!

Who can help me prepare for the first day of class?

Attend the Orientation of New Students sponsored by the Student Activities Office just before the beginning of each semester on campus. Call (203) 332-5045 for times and location.

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