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9- Classroom Dos & Don'ts

What to do:
What not to do:
  • Attend every class.
  • Participate in class discussion.
  • Come to class prepared with reading and assignments complete.
  • Arrive on time and take tests as scheduled.
  • Stay alert in class and take good notes.
  • Manage your time wisely (PowerPoint presentation)
  • Ask questions about tests and assignments to make sure you understand what is expected.
  • Make sure your child will be properly cared for during class and make alternative arrangements ahead of time in case your child is sick.
  • Make alternative transportation arrangements ahead of time in case you have car problems.
  • Show consideration for your instructor by addressing him or her as desired and always let them know in advance if you'll be absent.
  • Notify your instructor in advance if you have an emergency and must miss class, Be prepared to present proof of your emergency if questioned by the instructor.
  • Attend irregularly and ask your instructor, "Did I miss anything?"
  • Have side conversations with other students while the instructor is trying to speak to the class.
  • Wait to complete reading until the night before the test.
  • Arrive late or miss a test day and ask to take a makeup test.
  • Sleep during class and ask the instructor or another student if you could borrow his/her notes.
  • Bring your child to class if you cannot locate a sitter and your child is sick.
  • Skip class and then call your instructor to ask him/her to give you the lecture over the phone.
  • Bring your cellular phone to class and leave it on. Arrive with your radio/cassette player going and use ear phones during class.

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