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13- Policies you should know...

These policies are listed as Appendixes in the Student Catalog/Handbook:

Policy on Student Discipline

Policy on Student Rights

Refunds of Tuition & Fees

Information Technology Resources

Policy on AIDS and Other Communicable Diseases

Racism and Acts of Intolerance - Policy Statement

Policy on Violence Prevention and Response

Event Planning and Campus Speaker Policy for Students

Procedure for Dealing with Disruptive Students

Copyright Policy for Students

Statement on Satisfactory Progress

Policy on Drugs and Alcohol in the Community Colleges

Weapons on College Campuses

Home Schooled Students

Appeal of Grades:

The appeals process is described in detail in the HCC Student Handbook in Review of Academic Standing.

Note: Please refer to the College Catalog/Handbook for other policies and procedures.


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The College reserves the right to modify any statement on the website due to typographical errors, change in policy, etc.
Students are responsible for complying with policies and procedures contained in the official College Catalog.