Academic Support Center

Welcome to the Academic Support Center in Lafayette Hall
Rooms LH-B116,  LH-B118 and LH-B120

students getting tutored

The mission of the Academic Support Center is to provide a full service testing and tutoring experience that cultivates student success.

The ASC is comprised of a dynamic collection of dedicated educators who strive to enhance the learning experience and academic and professional achievement of HCC students through comprehensive services which include:
Testing Center
Provides placement, computer literacy, makeup, and CLEP and DSST testing.
● Tutoring Center
Provides one-on-one, drop-in, group, and online tutoring in most subject areas.
● Writing Across the Curriculum Center (WACC)
Provides one-on-one writing tutoring to students in all subject areas.

By fostering a supportive environment, the ASC strives to inspire students at every level of preparedness to advance, to excel, and to reach their fullest potential.

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Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
 Friday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Academic Support Center Staff

Kofi Adomako-Ayisi Instructional Support Specialist (CAP English) 203-332-8503
Patricia Costeines Testing Coordinator 203-332-5217
Clopha Deshotel Clerk Typist 203-332-5019
Vickie Fabrizio Testing Assistant/Placement Testing 203-332-5217
Aliss Obeid Tutoring Coordinator 203-332-5992
Andrew Pelletier Center for Academic Progress (CAP) Coordinator 203-332-8516
Kevin Redmond Instructional Support Specialist (Math)
Marianne Tecun Director of Academic Support Center 203-332-5139
Hyoja Tully Instructional Support Specialist (CAP Math) 203-332-8579
Karyn Smith Coordinator of the Writing Center 203-332-5133