Language Placement Test

Spanish & French Language Tests for HCC Course Placement

The Spanish & French Placement tests are comprised of a brief survey and a series of multiple-choice questions that takes about 20 minutes to complete.  The scores and the language background data will be used to place students into the appropriate level Spanish or French course. The Placement test helps instructors balance their classes with students at the same level.  There is no charge for the test.

The placement test is used to determine a student's proficiency level in Spanish or French and is only for course placement—no college credit will be given as a result of this exam. ** The results from this test do not constitute completion of any second language or humanities requirement. **College credit can be awarded by taking a CLEP exam for a fee (see CLEP information under Testing Services)

Who has to take the exam?

  • Any student who has not taken a college-level Spanish or French course is required to take the Placement test.

How can I prepare for the exam?    

  • There are no special topics to study before the test; the test is designed to diagnose your current knowledge of the language.

How will I know my course placement?

  • Test scores are available immediately upon completion of the exam. After completing the test, you will be given a document which certifies that you have taken the test and have been placed in a specific course.

How do I schedule an exam?

  • The test is offered each semester by appointment only.  Students interested in registering for a Spanish course must contact Prof. Jamilet Ortiz at or (203)332-5141 for testing dates and times. Those interested in French must contact Prof. Driss Mellouk at or (203)332-5974 for testing dates and times. When leaving a message, please be sure to provide your Banner ID and contact information. For additional information, contact either professors or stop by their office BH 215b.