Academic Support

Tutoring @ the Academic Support Center

Tutoring Hours:

Monday – Thursday
10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Academic Support Center Staff

Kofi Adomako-Ayisi Instructional Support Specialist (CAP English) (203) 332-8503
Vickie Fabrizio Testing Assistant/Placement Testing (203) 332-5217
Aliss Obeid Tutoring Coordinator (203) 332-5992
Andrew Pelletier Center for Academic Progress (CAP) Coordinator (203) 332-8516
Kevin Redmond Instructional Support Specialist (Math) (203) 332-
Hyoja Tully Instructional Support Specialist (CAP Math) (203) 332-8579
Marianne Tecun Director of Academic Support Center (203) 332-5139
Patricia Costeines Testing Coordinator (203) 332-5217
Clopha Deshotel Clerk Typist (203) 332-5019

One-on-One Tutoring  

The Academic Support Center provides tutoring by peer and master tutors in most developmental and college-level academic subjects, with an emphasis in math and English. Tutoring appointments must be made in-person. Stop by Room B116 to schedule a session with a tutor.

Drop-In Math

Drop-In Math is now available at the tutoring center.  With Drop-in math, students can get immediate math help all day, every day, for an unlimited number of sessions or length of sessions. No appointments are needed for Drop-in math, just walk in to room B120, LH, and bring your books and/or homework.

Mega Chemistry

Mega Chemistry is group tutoring for Chem 111.  It is a two-hour group session held weekly, no appointment is needed.  Two tutors are assigned to cover Mega-Chem.  The session time and day changes each semester according to tutor schedules.

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Study Groups

You may get together with other students in your class and form a study group. We will provide a place to meet and, if possible, a tutor in that subject area to assist you and your group members.  If you are interested, stop by and we will help you set up and put out a sign-up sheet, so that you may see how many others are interested in getting together with you for group study.