Student Success

Academic Advising Center

Rules to Live By

Rule #1

Read Your Catalog

You must be a good consumer of your college education. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.

Rule #2

Follow Your Degree Plan

Without a plan you have no direction and with no direction you cannot reach your goal.

Rule #3

Meet With Your Advisor Every Semester

Careful planning is key to academic success. You do not have to go it alone. Ask your advisor. Don’t know who your advisor is or having trouble finding your advisor? Come to LH- A111. We will help you.

Rule #4

You Must Meet All Prerequisite Requirements

A prerequisite is a required course that you must complete.
For example: ENG* E101 (Composition) is a “prerequisite” to ENG* E102 (Literature and Composition). You cannot take ENG* 102 until you complete ENG* 101.

Rule #5

You Cannot Be In Two Places At The Same Time

Be aware of the days and times each class begins and ends. Even a cross over of 10 minutes is physically impossible. Watch your times.

Rule #6

Not All Courses Are Offered Every Semester

Work with your Faculty Advisor on long range planning to determine when you will complete courses required in your program.

Rule #7

Get The CRN # Right

The CRN # is the course’s identity. It is a four digit number at the beginning of each course listed in the schedule. Get it wrong and you are in the wrong class. Period.

Rule #8

Go To Class, Study, and Do Your Homework

Rule #9

Ask For Help When You Need It

If you don’t ask, we can’t help you.

Rule #10

Follow These Rules

Follow the rules to be successful in your academic endeavors.