Strategic Solutions Group

What We Do
Deliver optimum training to meet your needs.

We diagnose organizational challenges, prescribe solutions, develop programs, and launch initiatives to strengthen and improve organizational effectiveness. We do this as turnkey delivery, all within your established budget and resources to get the job done.

For every assignment, we:

  • Conduct a Needs Assessment, understanding the underlying issues that call for workforce development in your organization and unique context
  • Formulate an Optimum Solution, offering the best approach our experience shows is needed
  • Submit a Comprehensive Proposal, outlining the turnkey services we provide and manage, followed by a contract of services
  • Assemble the Program, complete with program structure, materials, resources, facilities, and content expert
  • Deliver the Training, after carefully aligning the best suited seasoned content expert with your unique needs
  • Manage the Process, assuring that expectations are being met throughout the program
  • Evaluate the Experience, conducting a comprehensive assessment of the content experience, course, and venue with a feedback meeting with the client, and to ensure continuous improvement
We collaborate with you to formulate, then provide effective business solutions strictly designed to meet your specific organizational needs.