Strategic Solutions Group


Needs Assessments
Needs Assessments - Our experts use multiple methodologies to identify your needs. Organizational scanning, onsite interviews, assessment instruments, surveys, shadowing, and consultations ensure accurate analysis of your training and development needs.
Gap Analysis
Gap Analysis - Diagonal slice interviews and focus groups can provide perspective in areas where gaps in performance can arise. We can provide analyses at all levels, with consultative execution and reporting.
Workforce Skills Assessments
Workforce Skills Assessments - We provide a variety of tools, instruments and surveys to accurately address your workforce’s skills and development requirements. These measurements can be taken with a minimum of time from the employees’ core work tasks.
Training Program Development
Training Program Development - We work in tandem with you to develop the most time and cost-effective program solution. We have many years of accrued expertise across all industries to ensure maximum program effectiveness.
Extensive Program Materials
Extensive Program Materials - Training programs can include detailed, thorough support materials with the latest information. Many programs include toolkits to ensure productive use of program information well beyond the training sessions.
Client-Generated case Studies
Client-Generated Case Studies - We invite related work-in-progress assignments to be incorporated within the training. These can be advanced by applying principles presented during the program. Optimum training outcomes are realized by using client-generated case studies from key organizational sectors. Proprietary items remain the property of the client and will not be disclosed to others as this can be a concern.
Training Delivery
Training Delivery - All our programs are highly interactive and employ team-based assignments where practicable. We deliver training through various platforms, including formal presentation, group case studies, distance and online learning.
Learning Assessments
Learning Assessments - We can provide a broad range of assessment instruments, including post-training surveys and measurements, worksite scanning and related tools. On request we can also conduct pre-and-post-testing to assess learning efficiency and effectiveness.
Training Effectiveness Evaluations
Training Effectiveness Evaluations - Participant feedback is a critical component of our services. By evaluating training effectiveness, we provide detailed, documented feedback to you on your program’s impact.