Strategic Solutions Group

Business & Management Programs

Contemporary Workplace Issues - Programs include a variety of workplace considerations for both staff and management, recognizing the increasing legal, operational and management complexities involved.

Customer Outreach - Programs include content areas aimed at obtaining, retaining and growing your customer base in today's demanding marketplace. Programs focus on business-to-business customer relations, call center service operations, and related areas.

Business Development - Programs in this section are designed to provide a comprehensive plan of action for organizations to address the needs of target markets and formulate definitive actions to meet those needs.

Organizational Development - Programs in this section are designed to assist organizations align their structure and systems as they grow and change.

Management Supervisory Skills - Our programs include proven techniques and strategies for successful managing and supervising, for first-time Supervisors through highly experienced Managers. We offer programs at all levels and in multiple formats, from Content Experts with Supervisory and Management experience in a variety of organizations.

Management Leadership Skills - Programs include a range of subject areas to provide supervisors, managers and leaders with the tools, techniques and knowledge needed to successfully manage the enterprise and attain optimum results.

Human Resources and Labor Relations - Programs include a broad range of areas to support the complexities of people management in today's environment. Examples include compliance with changing regulations regarding employee rights and responsibilities, and both organized and nonunion labor interaction.

Finance - Managers must often familiarize themselves with areas of operation that are related, but may not directly fall under, their area of supervision.  This section covers the basics of finance and payroll to help better manage budgets and understand financial operations.

Personal Development - Programs include key aspects of Personal Development, from Interpersonal skills through Negotiation and Personal Effectiveness. Whether seeking to improve communications, interaction, teamwork, or personal time/task management, our programs provide the training your organization's employees need.