Strategic Solutions Group

Communication and Presentation Programs

Verbal Communication - In today's leaner workplace, effective verbal communications is absolutely critical. Our programs expand and improve capabilities in this important skill.

Written Communication - Our programs provide the skills and techniques to prepare individuals to effectively communicate in written form. Subject areas recognize the range of written communications in today's world, including email, text, memoranda, letters and related tools.

Meetings Management - Our programs in Meetings Management provide the skills for running effective meetings to attain optimum productivity. From organization through communication and execution, we provide the information and methodologies required for success.

Presentation Skills - Programs provide methodologies for the preparation and execution of top-quality presentations, targeted to internal and/or external audiences.

English Language Skills - We are a leader in providing training for English as a Second Language. Our content, language labs, instructors, and materials are extensive. Our programs provide individuals with the ability to function effectively, readily using English language skills.