Strategic Solutions Group

Information Technology Programs

Business Applications - We offer a broad range of programs supporting all major business functions. Training includes business programs and suites such as Microsoft Office, Adobe and related applications.

Computer Fundamentals - These introductory courses will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of PC hardware and software, form what's inside a PC to surfing the Net.

Desktop Publishing - Programs include all leading software from leading providers, including Acrobat, Quark, In Design, and others.

Internet/Intranet - Programs include widely-used software, such as Dreamweaver, Flash, Javascript, HTML 5 and related technologies

Multimedia - Programs include popular software such as Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro, Sound Board, DVD Pro, and related technologies.

Computer Programming - Programs include a broad range of offerings across multiple platforms, including Mainframe, Midrange, PC and Internet.