Strategic Solutions Group

Manufacturing Programs

Shop Floor Skills - Programs include a broad range of skills essential for production operations, from basics to complex functions. We offer practical instruction led by industry-experienced Trainers for manufacturing, assembly, inspection/quality, packaging, warehousing/inventory and related areas.

Production Skills - We provide programs for machining, quality and related production operations using leading-edge methodologies. Whether your organization uses legacy equipment or the newest CNC machines, we can assist your employees in gaining the essential skills to optimize both production and quality.

Preproduction Skills - Programs include AutoCAD, Technical Drafting and related programs. Our Content Experts utilize the latest software and courseware to ensure your organization is at the leading edge in these rapidly-changing technologies.

Instrumentation and Calibration - Our programs include techniques, methods and procedures for understanding and utilizing measurement equipment, metrology and calibration. From using Micrometers and Vernier Calipers to Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), our Instructors provide detailed training to ensure precise results for optimum production.