Strong Start ®

You've spent the time and money to hire the right person. Now that they're here, how do you get them off to a running start, and ensure that they stay for the long haul? Your organization invested in Targeted Selection® (TS®) for a very simple reason: To put the right people in the right jobs. And while your selection process may be accomplishing that goal, new people might not be living up to expectations. Strong Start® is the course your organization needs to ensure that new people begin contributing quickly

Do you face any of these issues?

  • Does your organization need to help new hires begin making meaningful contributions as soon as possible?
  • Do you want to decrease turnover costs by helping people succeed and feel engaged early on?
  • Are your leaders struggling to provide clear job performance and personal expectations to new people?

Course Benefits:

  • Allows participants to build essential behavioral interviewing skills like those used by the world's most admired and profitable organizations.
  • Helps your organization avoid the long-term cost implications of hiring the wrong person.
  • Lets you select people whose skills and motivations match specific job requirements.
  • Helps you meet legal guidelines for fair hiring practices.
  • Creates a positive impression of the organization on all candidates.

Course Objectives:

Helps associates:

  • Become productive more quickly.
  • Increase their likelihood of staying with the organization.
  • Enhance their sense of engagement and commitment to the new job.

Primary Competencies Developed

  • Aligning Performance for Success
  • Coaching
  • Developing Others

Secondary Competency Developed

  • Communication
  • Inspiring Others
  • Gaining Commitment

Course Content:

  • Introduction: Participants watch a video that contrasts two employees' reactions to their first meeting with their new leader and discuss one of the employee's ability to get a strong start. They are introduced to the three parts of the Strong Start® process that will be the focus of the workshop.
  • Clear Expectations: Participants learn the four actions that effective leaders take to provide a new person with a clear understanding of expectations, which are: (1) reinforce appropriate strategies and show how the individual and his or her team contribute to the organization; (2) provide clear job expectations for the employee's first 100 days; (3) give useful advice and secrets to success; and (4) share personal preferences regarding how people should perform at work. The Strong Start® Reminder List is introduced.
  • Purposeful, Courageous Networking: Participants learn the stages of purposeful, courageous networking and explore the types and benefits of business networks. They also learn how to encourage a new person to ask for help early in assignments and to develop a network of people who can aid in getting started in the new position and in ongoing job success.
  • Strong Start® Development Plan: Participants learn how to use selection data and job requirements to begin Strong Start® development planning for a new hire. They explore how to create a plan that builds on a new hire's strengths, provide skills and knowledge basic to the job, address one competency that might need to be developed or enhanced, and help the new hire build an immediate business network.

Who Should Attend:

  • Leaders, managers, and others responsible for onboarding new hires.