Embracing Change

If there's one thing all organizations in today's economy have in common, it's that they are undergoing change. But change can only be effective if the employees impacting your bottom line embrace it. Their ability to adapt will determine the competitiveness and success of your organization.

This course focuses on the role of individual performers in implementing change in the workplace. Participants discover their Change IQ and learn about the phases of change that many people experience when undertaking a new initiative. Using the Embracing Change job aid, which includes best practices, individual performers will tackle and overcome the new business challenges of today and tomorrow.

Do you face any of these issues?

  • Are your employees unreceptive to change?
  • Does resistance to change decrease the productivity of individuals and teams?
  • Are changes in the workplace or economy affecting the morale of your workforce?
  • Are individual performers attempting to make changes in ineffective ways?

Course Objectives:

Helps associates:

  • Commit to and take ownership of change.
  • Effectively recognize change, explore change, and overcome personal resistance to change.
  • Minimize the negative impact on individuals, work groups, and the organization of not adapting to change.
  • Demonstrate an embracing change mind-set that influences others to embrace workplace change.

Primary Competency Developed

  • Adaptability

Secondary Competencies Developed

  • Initiating Action
  • Continuous Improvement

Course Content:

  • Embracing Change Prework: Learners complete the What's Your Change IQ? Indicator. They discuss their RESULTS with their leader and formulate ideas for effectively approaching change situations.
  • Change, Change, Change: In groups of three, participants take part in an activity that helps them recognize strategies needed to cope with an ever-changing work environment.
  • What's Your Change IQ?: Facilitator leads a discussion about recent workplace changes and their business RESULTS and describes the Change IQ Continuum.
  • Phases of Change: Learners watch a video about the phases of change and share personal examples of when they have experienced these phases.
  • Embracing Change Best Practices: Facilitator OVERVIEWs the Embracing Change Best Practices. Learners complete the Embracing Change Personal Charter and discuss their plans with a partner.
  • Case Study: Participants assume roles to complete a Control Evaluator, acting as characters from a fictional company. Learners view a video portraying their recently-portrayed characters and discuss their findings as a group.
  • Change Pursuit and Close: Learners finalize their personal charters and discuss with a partner. They participate in a game of Change Pursuit, reviewing and applying their new skills and knowledge about embracing change.

Who Should Attend:

All employees through to emerging/frontline leaders.