Service Systems Check-Up

Perhaps you sent your entire organization through customer service training, but you still haven't achieved your patient satisfaction objectives? Or, after the training, there was some initial improvement, but it didn't last. Or, maybe, you made gains, but the improvements stalled and you can't seem to get them trending upward again.

If any of these scenarios sounds familiar, and you're looking for answers, you can benefit from DDIs Service Systems Check-Up.

Becoming a service leader in todays competitive health care market requires an in-depth understanding of what drives customer loyalty and a realistic self-assessment of how your organization performs with respect to these drivers. Thats what the Service Systems Check-Up was designed to do.

The Service Systems Check-Up is based on a research-based model for Health Care Service Excellence. This model includes three broad factors that must be addressed for organizations to deliver exceptional service:

  • Staff Behavior
  • Leader Support
  • Organizational Alignment

The Service Systems Check-Up provides a comprehensive analysis of the service skill levels of your people and your internal people systems, and also assesses the primary factors influencing patient satisfaction in your facility, culture, systematic processes, department interaction, and individual and collective interpersonal behaviorsso you can determine where to focus current and future improvement efforts. The Service Systems Check-Up incorporates the data-gathering tools and processes that best meet the organizations specific needs, situation, and objectives.

Course Benefits:


  • Senior leaders gain an all-encompassing perspective of the patient satisfaction condition in the organization's facility or facilities.
  • Patient service strengths and opportunities are revealed.
  • Skill development needs of patient-facing and support staff are identified.
  • Data and insights collected form the foundation upon which a customer service action plan can be formulated.
  • Expert consulting is provided to address opportunities for patient service improvement.
  • Course Objectives:

    The DDI Service Systems Check-Up will help you:

    • Determine if the skills of your people and your people systems are aligned with and contributing to your patient satisfaction strategy and goals.
    • Identify immediate and long-term stepsfrom providing highly targeted training to aligning systemsneeded to make staff more accountable for patient satisfaction goals.

    Course Content:

    The Service Systems Check-Up uses a variety of powerful tools to uncover, examine, diagnose, and get to the root cause of your patient satisfaction pain points. With this powerful information in hand, your organization is better equipped to take patient satisfaction and loyalty to unprecedented levels.

    The Service Systems Check-Up Process

    The Service Systems Check-Up is a flexible process that provides a comprehensive examination of how your organization is performing relative to key patient satisfaction drivers. The process involves a series of data collection and analytical steps, which can be completed in less than 10 days, and a comprehensive review of findings and recommendations with your organization's leadership team.

    Specific activities in the Check-Up include:

    • Facility walk through/inspection.
    • One-on-one and group interviews with the leaders and staff members to gather information about the effectiveness of service systems and processes.
    • Patient Focus Readiness Survey to gather information about the organization's performance on six facets critical to service excellence: Communication, Employee Skills, Organization Design, Job
    • Design, Leadership Support, and Service Culture.
    • E3<sup>&reg;</sup> employee survey to benchmark employee perceptions of engagement, a critical cultural variable linked to service excellence, as well as to employee satisfaction and retention.
    • Detailed evaluation of patient satisfaction data collected by the client organization.
    • Detailed review of findings and recommendations with senior leaders.

    A typical Check-Up involves an up-front planning phone conversation with the client sponsor, deployment of survey tools via web/e-mail, and a two-day, on-site visit by an experienced DDI consultant. A written report containing Check-Up findings and recommendations is prepared and presented approximately seven to 10 days after on-site data collection has been completed. Ideally, this presentation will be delivered face-to-face, but other delivery options can be considered upon client request.

    Recommendations provided to organizations that have utilized the Service Systems Check-Up have included such steps as revamping selection systems to assess for behavioral competencies and motivational fit, better aligning the performance management system with the organization's vision and values, and providing customer service skills training to individuals in key support positions.