Developing Others

Organizations need to get the most out of their people, and employees want the opportunity to do more and grow. Developing others is critical to retaining talent, driving higher levels of employee engagement, and ultimately impacts an organization's success.

This course provides leaders, coaches, and mentors with a practical process and the skills necessary to develop talent. It focuses on the leader's role before, during, and after the development plan.

Do you face any of these issues?

  • Are development plans something that people only do "if they have time"?
  • Does the development planning process break down at key points?
  • Do leaders guide the development of their key people?
  • Do leaders fail to measure and monitor the progress of development objectives?

Course Objectives:

Helps leaders:

  • Build an agile team that can quickly adapt to changing work and skill requirements.
  • Assist team members in the creation of meaningful development plans that focus on the organization, the team, and their individual development needs.
  • Increase the likelihood that development plans will be implemented and their goals will be achieved.
  • Increase team member job satisfaction and motivation while supporting strategic organizational goals.

Primary Competency Developed

  • Developing Others

Secondary Competencies Developed

  • Coaching

Course Content:

  • Thinking It Through: Learners explore the "who, why, and what" of development, clarifying the definition and differentiating it from learning or training. They then learn the three elements of the Development Process model—Assess, Acquire, and Apply.
  • Assess: The Assess phase is introduced in a positive model video, and best practices are discussed. Through an activity, learners debate the importance of developing a strength area vs. a growth area. Then they receive a Development Action Form, which they begin to complete for one of their direct reports.
  • Acquire: Learners watch a second video and evaluate the video leader's use of the best practices associated with the Acquire phase. The facilitator reinforces the importance of learners to provide support, coaching, and feedback while team members implement development plans. Learners complete their action form for this section.
  • Apply: Learners discuss why development plans can fail. After watching a video clip, they discuss the video leader's use of the best practices to help a team member apply newly learned skills. They finish completing the Development Action Form.
  • Application and Close: In teams, learners discuss and critique their Development Action Forms. Leaders present some of the most creative plans to the rest of the group and talk about how to improve them.

Video Segment Summaries

  • A leader and team member celebrate the success of a customer service initiative in which the team member played a key role. They discuss how the team member successfully incorporated recently developed skills into the project and the impact of the positive RESULTS .
  • We go back in time to an earlier meeting between the leader and the team member. In this meeting, the two discuss her development plan in which the best practices associated with Assess are portrayed.
  • The meeting continues, with the focus on what the team member can do to acquire partnering skills, a growth area identified in the earlier meeting.
  • The meeting concludes with the leader and team member discussing and agreeing on how the team member will apply her newly learned skills, knowledge, and competency.

Who Should Attend:

  • Frontline through senior-level leaders.