Supporting Leadership Development

You've mapped out the best leadership development curriculum possible. The training is well received, and behavior is starting to change. Then comes the kiss of death. Little or no management support leaves newly trained leaders spinning their wheels on the leadership development cycle.

This course is designed specifically for the managers of leaders being trained in Interaction Management.® It helps managers understand the concepts and techniques their direct reports are learning. They also learn how to support the organization and their new leaders in this critical leadership development initiative.

Do you face any of these issues?

  • Do your leaders ask the question, "Has my manager been through this training?"
  • Do managers want to support their staff's development, but do not know how to do it?
  • Do development efforts fall short of expected RESULTS due to lack of management support?

Course Objectives:

Helps managers:

  • Establish and promote an atmosphere that stresses the importance of continuous learning and development.
  • Proactively support development efforts of others to increase the likelihood that they will have a successful development experience.
  • Create an action plan for supporting specific leadership development activities for their units and the organization as a whole.
  • Ensure the organization receives a favorable return on investment of its time, resources, and finances devoted to staff development.

Primary Competency Developed

  • Aligning Performance for Success

Secondary Competencies Developed

  • Coaching
  • Continuous Learning
  • Developing Others
  • Inspiring Others

Course Content:

  • Crime Investigation, or Death of an Initiative: Learners are engaged in a case study examining why an organizational initiative failed and the role managers played in contributing to that failure.
  • Your Organization's Initiative: Your organization's initiative is introduced or explained, including the business rationale for doing it, how it supports organizational values and objectives, etc.
  • Interaction Process and Feedback OVERVIEW: Key Principles, Interaction Guidelines, and the STAR feedback concept are introduced.
  • Video analysis activities help learners identify a leader's use of Key Principles and to practice providing feedback on the use of those skills.
  • Getting Sustainable RESULTS : Learners discuss how to create an environment that supports leadership development. They acquaint themselves with the three elements of the supporting leadership development process: engaging participation, developing skills and competence, and realizing RESULTS . An informational tool kit allows participants to determine what it will take to get sustainable RESULTS in their own organization.
  • Challenging Situations: Participants practice how to handle challenging situations in supporting their leaders.
    Action Planning: Learners create a personal action plan to carry this leadership development effort forward.

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers of leaders.