Essentials of Time Management

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to accomplish so much more than others in the same number of hours without appearing to work any harder? Maybe the answer is they work smarter by managing their time more effectively. This program is designed to equip participants with the tools necessary to effectively manage their time.

Course Benefits:

Program participants will gain:
  • Keys to successful time management
  • Techniques for setting goals and priorities
  • Techniques for interruption management
  • Methods of delegation and managing the time of others

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the basic principles of personal time management
  • Identify personal strengths and weaknesses in time management practices
  • Identify top time wasters, their causes, and work-related contributors
  • Practice time management principles of personal objective setting, establishing priorities, delegating, eliminating, integrating, recreating, collaborating, and counter-procrastinating
  • Develop methods for preventing crises on the job
  • Practice methods for minimizing interruptions
  • Develop a personal contract for reducing time wasters on the job

Course Content:

  • The principles of effective time management
  • Goals, priorities, action plans, delegation, elimination and integration
  • Administration and debriefing of the time management profile
  • Identification and commitment to eliminating time wasting in priority areas
  • Skill building practice in objective setting, priority setting and action planning
  • Skill building in delegating and assigning work
  • Techniques for preventing crisis time wasters
  • The anatomy of an interruption and how to minimize the negative fallout
  • Personal contract for improving time management back on the job

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone