Effective Customer Communications

Customers expect suppliers to keep them well informed on long-range, as well as current initiatives underway that benefit their goals and objectives. Effective communication requires a range of formats and venues. Participants will learn recently developed communication tools and techniques they can directly apply to enhance customer relationships and build new ones.

Course Benefits:

Program participants will gain:
  • Understanding of focused customer communication initiatives and  their benefits
  • Skill in designing and executing specific communication initiatives
  • Techniques to reframe supplier "features" into customer benefits

Course Objectives:

  • Select and specify customer communications for specific corporate objectives
  • Design and plan successful customer communication initiatives
  • Develop convincing rationale for launching specific customer communication initiatives

Course Content:

  • Taking stock on customer relationships
  • Reality checks-learning what customers really think
  • Reframing supplier "accomplishments" into "customer benefits"
  • Communicating at platform team meetings
  • Customer EXPO:  making real what you have done for customers lately
  • Technology symposia:  advances in continuous improvement
  • Technical case histories:  making claims stick by example
  • On-site seminars:  delivering value added to customer
  • Periodic communications:  keeping the flame burning
  • Interactive communications:  generating customer response
  • Measuring initiative effectiveness

Who Should Attend:

  • Sales and marketing staff
  • Middle management
  • Executive management