Adobe Photoshop Level 2

This intermediate course, the second in a series, is aimed at users familiar with the basics of Photoshop who wish to improve their skills. You learn sophisticated techniques for applying colors and creating image and light effects. By the end of the course, you will be able to create and manipulate images with improved speed and accuracy.

Course Benefits:

  • Improve productivity with shortcuts and advanced techniques
  • Improve Image resolution
  • Apply filters to create special effects
  • Combine color and grayscale
  • Apply advanced object manipulation techniques for special effects
  • Create lighting and type effects
  • Create and use multi-step scripts

Course Objectives:

  • Use powerful shortcuts to enhance productivity
  • Apply a technique to improve low-resolution files
  • Use filters alone and in combinations to create effects
  • Use layer masks and clipping groups to blend foreground and background objects together
  • Combine color and grayscale images
  • Interweave objects with one another
  • Use channel operations and blending modes to simulate three-dimensional surfaces
  • Apply lighting effects and create realistic shadows ,
  • Create type effects including distressing and popping out of a background
  • Create multi-step scripts with the actions palette

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals who wish to learn more advanced techniques for creating effects and manipulating images in Adobe Photoshop