Adobe Photoshop Level 3

This advanced Adobe Photoshop program, the last in a series, teaches you advanced techniques for image selection and manipulation, using layers, channels, masks, and filters, and automating tasks. You learn tools and techniques for achieving sophisticated effects with colors, patterns, and gradients precisely and efficiently. You also gain an advanced understanding of vector graphics, and preparing images for the Web.

Course Benefits:

  • Learn how to isolate and manipulate image selections
  • Explore advanced layers, channels, masks, and filters
  • Improve efficiency with automation tools
  • Understand how to manipulate vector graphics
  • Understand how to prepare images for Web publication

Course Objectives:

  • Create a fixed-size selection on an image
  • Fade a selection by using the Feather command
  • Create a colored border
  • Use transform commands
  • Use liquify tools
  • Use reconstruction modes for modifying image distortions
  • Use channels palette and options for saving mask selections as a new channel
  • Load a selection into an image as a channel
  • Create a temporary mask using quick mask mode
  • Add and edit a layer mask

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals who wish to learn advanced techniques for image manipulation, creation of special effects, and image publication using Adobe Photoshop