Java Level 1

This course provides a careful introduction to computer programming and object-oriented thinking in the Java programming language. Students will write Java programs that control vehicles in a graphical world.

Course Benefits:

  • Gain an understanding of Java's impact of the World Wide Web and its advantages
  • Learn to enhance Web pages by including existing applets
  • Learn to create applets
  • Gain a solid knowledge of Java's basic syntax and features

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding what Java is and how it can benefit Web page developers
  • Understand the syntax and features of Java
  • Work with object, classes, and methods
  • Understand concepts such as inheritance and interfaces
  • Understand and use the applet tag
  • Create and compile a simple applet
  • Incorporate applets into a Web page
  • Gain experience using arrays, conditionals, and loops
  • Build a basic stand-alone Java application

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals who wish to enhance their Web pages by creating Java applets and applications