Java Level 2

This course introduces computers as problem solvers using the Java programming language. Knowledge of the concepts and material presented in the course will give students better problem-solving skills and prepare students for real-world programming.

Course Benefits:

  • Learn to enhance Web pages with sound and animation
  • Gain insight into the art of user interface design
  • Understand and use the Java AWT

Course Objectives:

  • Make an applet interactive by handling mouse and keyboard events
  • Create and manipulate basic graphics with Java's graphic primitives
  • Learn how "overloading" is done
  • Explore the controls and tools available in the Java AWT
  • Change fonts and colors used in an applet
  • Design a sample user interface
  • Use images to create static or animated presentations
  • Learn to fix the problem of flickering animations
  • Link your applet to other Web pages with the show-document method

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals who wish to expand their knowledge beyond the basics of Java programming