Introduction to JavaScript

This program gives you comprehensive, hands-on experience learning the essentials of JavaScript, a powerful scripting language that is used with the Netscape browser to achieve interactive and eye-catching effects on Web pages. You write your own script and explore some of the many enhancements that can be implemented with JavaScript.

Course Benefits:

  • Understand the concepts of JavaScript
  • Learn the major features and capabilities of JavaScript
  • Gain the ability to write your own script
  • Understand how to make Web pages more interactive by writing your own scripts
  • Boost the appeal of your Web pages by implementing scripts
  • Learn how to work with HTML in JavaScript
  • Implement windows and frames
  • Learn how to access resources for JavaScript programmers

Course Objectives:

  • Concepts of JavaScript
  • Capabilities of JavaScript
  • Create and run simple JavaScript scripts
  • Manage JavaScript error messages
  • Display messages in the Netscape status bar, display the current date, and display and dynamically update the current time
  • Create scrolling text banners and a "RoloURL" to access URLs from a list
  • Validate and submit user-entered HTML form data
  • Generate an HTML table
  • Display documents in windows and frames
  • Create back and forward frame-history navigation buttons

Who Should Attend:

  • Individuals who are interested in understanding and using JavaScript to enhance Web page features