Outclass the Competition

In today's fiercely competitive business arena, all employees are ambassadors of the companies for which they work. This program is a tool that can be used to empower individuals to move with increased ease and confidence in virtually any business setting. Beyond presenting the basics of business etiquette and protocol, it affords participants an opportunity to leverage the many advantages of becoming business savvy and customer smart.

Course Benefits:


Program participants will gain:

  • Refinement of social/business skills that distinguish executives, sales teams, and managers from the competition
  • The ability to create a more polite, respectful, and culturally aware working environment

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Project a more professional image
  • Demonstrate appropriate business behaviors
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Offer more refined customer service
  • Project increased confidence in business situations
  • Remember names more effectively
  • Properly introduce yourself and others
  • Work a room for business purposes

Course Content:

  • Refining your business communication skills
  • The ultimate greeting: how to introduce yourself and others
  • How to make an entrance and work the room
  • Non-verbal messages and eye contact
  • Remembering names
  • Conversation skills
  • Total quality issues in the business arena

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone in either business or social settings