Copyright Law for The Corporate Professional

Understanding copyright law has become increasingly important to a wide variety of individuals in recent years. Although this dynamic course will not earn you a law degree, it will provide focused insights on the basics of copyright law as applied to the workplace.

Course Benefits:

Program participants will gain:

  • Understanding of the historical basis of copyright law, the basis for copyright protection, and the benefits/procedures for copyright registration
  • Use relevant materials off the World Wide Web
  • Knowledge of what actions may constitute copyright infringement in the workplace

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Better protect company ownership of work product
  • Understand many of the copyright issues involved in the creation of work product with partners
  • Help minimize risk of copyright infringement in the work place

Who Should Attend:

Creators and users of images, text, computer programs, multimedia, sounds, music, technical materials, dramatic works, choreography, and any other original works Web site developers or web makers Advertising and marketing representatives Managers and project leaders who want to avoid legal headaches.