Business Travel Safety

This program focuses on the many safety issues business travelers could face while traveling within the country and abroad.

Course Benefits:

Program participants will gain:

  • Methods for safe business travel
  • Planning tools to avoid being victimized

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Learn how criminals often select and "target" their victims
  • Recognize common locations and methods business travelers are victimized
  • Take general travel precautions
  • Make pre-travel considerations
  • Know how to react when confronted by strangers
  • Know what to do if you become a victim
  • Exercise hotel safety and learn how to prevent becoming a victim
  • Safely travel abroad
  • Recognize special safety concerns for business women

Course Content:

  • Practical advice for the experienced as well as the novice or first-time business traveler
  • Common types of crime and locations
  • How to prevent becoming a victim

Who Should Attend:

  • Any individual who travels for business