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Contemporary Workplace Issues

Never before has the workplace changed as rapidly or as dramatically as it is changing today.  Managers are faced with issues they couldn’t have predicted ten years ago.  From high-performance teams to violence in the workplace, change is a fact of corporate, institutional and association life.  Successful managers are those who have mastered the skills of managing change and have the abilities to keep pace with emerging business trends.

Our Contemporary Workplace Issues programs are designed to assist you in gaining confidence and competence in dealing with questions that managers face on a daily basis.  Whether you are a supervisor faced with formulating cross-generational management techniques, suffering from job related technostress, dealing with legal and ethical issues or mastering proper social etiquette and protocol skills in the business world, our workshops will give you the tools you need to meet the challenge of today’s contemporary workplace!

This section covers a number of issues companies face in today’s modern workplace including:

 Workplace Protocol and Etiquette
 Conflict Resolution and Management
 Workplace Diversity
 Legal and Ethical Issues
 Stress Management
 Sexual Harassment Avoidance
 Violence in the Workplace